Life as a Maid !!

“Charles is very handsome, isn’t he?” Katherine said as she wandered casually in the room. “Ordinarily,it would make me jealous to know that he has such a pretty young maid working for him, but Charles’s just so honest and kind. He’d never lie about his true feelings, would he?” As far as Katherine was concerned, I am merely the maid employed by her current boyfriend, Mr. Charles Dawkes. And true, that is my current role in life, but there is much more hiding underneath the surface that she does not know about. It makes me shudder to think she believes Charles to be kind and honest. If you ask me I will tell you that Charles is a scumbag. He may be sophisticated and clean-cut, but he is a scumbag. He is a fraud, and I know all about his many misdoings. That is why I currently look like this, his way of discouraging me from ever telling anyone the truth.Truth be told, Miss Katherine,” I said in the breathy and unmistakably feminine voice I now possess. “I could never view Mr. Dawkes in a romantic light. He is like a family member to me. I simply exist to take care of his house the best that I can.” I can’t tell people about the crimes Charles have committed.

Not when I look like this. It’d humiliate me beyond measure. The thought of others knowing what I’ve let Charles do to my body… Perhaps they’d think I was a willing partner. I am sure many would just consider me to be an accomplice to Charles’ crimes.I could tell them that I resent Charles, but why would they believe me? I might just be some sissy desperate to please a real man in whatever way possible. And knowing the kind of sickening charm Charles is capable of, he might even convince people that I am the real mastermind, that it was my idea to steal all that money.You are such an adorable little maid, aren’t you?” Katherine said, sounding part friendly and part patronising. “I bet we will just be the best of sisters. At least you must let me introduce you to some of my friends. I know plenty of men who would just adore a caring young woman such as you.” Part of me wants to warn Katherine. I could tell her how Charles she thinks she knows is not the real Charles. But why should I? What would it change? Would I be able to live as a man again if I did? At least if Charles has a girlfriend, perhaps a wife one day, he will be less likely to bother me. Not that I’d tell Katherine about the ways Charles has bothered me. “You are very kind, Katherine,” I said. “I’ll tell Mr. Dawkes that you are a worthy woman for him.”

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