“Mom, can I take these girls clothes of now???”

“Now, Missy, you know that’s not how little girls talk to their mothers!”

Sorry mommy”

That’s better sweetie! I know those clothes are a little too small for you, but that’s what you get when you “borrow” your little sisters clothes!”

‘But I’m 18 years old and I’m not a girl”

“I’m sorry, Missy, but your actions speak louder than your words! A 18-year-old boy wouldn’t spend so much time in a little girls’ room, trying on cute clothes all day and styling his long hair all girly now, would he?” “So it’s obvious what you want to be a little girl, and I’m happy to help! From now on you’re my little girl!”

“But what about my high school, my friends and my girlfriend!!!?”

“Silly girl! You’re too young to go to high school, and I’m sure your sister, Gabriella will share her friends, and as for your GF she’s going to be your baby sitter.”

Wait What!!! She can’t see me like this!!!”

“Don’t worry princess, Ive told her everything and she’s happy to help out, by the way, she said she has a whole bunch of her old dresses, skirts and panties you can have, she’s coming over tonight! You do as she says, OK?!?

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