“Hey look, Tom, I don’t know how this change happened, but now you’ve become a woman and lost your job and all…well I can’t really keep paying your rent. Throw in food and those clothes my sister got for you and… well let’s put it this way, the only people I’ve gone to those sorts of lengths for were girlfriends, so unless you want to give that a go I’ll have to ask you to move out. I mean you’re cute, and we get on, so I’d be up for it.”Tom was horrified, how could his buddy Kevin now want to romance with him? But what choice did he have, until he could get a new job he was reliant on Kevin. Girls seemed to think Kevin was cute, and he was right, they did have a lot in common “We can give it a try,” said Tom sheepishly. As Kevin put an arm around Tom’s newly slender shoulders and drew him towards him, Tom began to tremble. I can’t do this… I can’t, I can’t! But then Kevin gently placed his hand on Tom’s face and whispered. “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.” It was bullshit, and rationally Tom knew that, but the words still caused his tummy to flip, and when Kevin leaned in to kiss him Tom found he didn’t want to resist…


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