“Mom, I’m so bored. As if it’s rained every day of summer…”

“Boredom shows a lack of imagination, Brandon. If you’re bored, clean your room. Or use this time to learn a new skill. You can learn anything from YouTube nowadays.”

“That sounds so lame…”

“Well, don’t complain when I try to offer some help. Just search for ‘new skills’ or ‘beginner’s guide’ or something! You never know what you might learn.”


“Brandon, you’ve been awfully quiet. I hope you’re not causing a mess, locked up in your room all day.”

“I’m busy, mom! Leave me alone!”

“Fine, fine. I’m coming in to give you your laundry, I won’t be a second.”

“Mom, don’t come in!”

“Oh my god, Brandon! What’s going on in here?”

“I just did as you said! I searched for ‘beginner skills’ or whatever, and now

I’ve learned a new skill.”

“And what skill would that be?”

“Uh, isn’t it obvious? My new skill is how to create bold and defined brows with limited products. I also learned how to braid my hair!”

“And how to apply mascara and lipstick, apparently. Where did you get all this makeup?”

“It’s what was left in Lucy’s room. You told me to tidy it up yesterday when I said I was bored.”

“Well…so long as you’re not complaining about being bored, you might as well keep at it.”

“Sure thing. I think the next video is about putting together the perfect back to school outfit…”

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