Its only a party baby. No one will care. Come on, its Halloween, lots of guys do it. It’s at Ken’s house, we know him, so it won’t be a problem. Please baby. let me do it for you, please. Ok, so I gave in and let her dress me up as a naughty schoolgirl, complete with book bag and heels. Yeah, I know, probably a bad idea, but it all sounded reasonable. Friend’s house, no problem, right? Freaking wrong. She spent all day fixing me up. I wore an overcoat to hide what I had on until we got to the party. She made me so freaking pretty and sexy. It even looked like I had boobs. ME. BOOBS. geese. And get this, she put candy, condoms, lube, makeup, and tampons in the book bag. No keys, no id, no money, nothing else just suckers and girl stuff. Anyway, we get to the party, Ken is mostly drunk already. Probably 12 people there. Ken took my overcoat and raved about my outfit and how cute I looked. While he was putting my coat away, his roommate Robert came up and get this, hugged and kissed both Sharla and me as if we were girls. Well, yeah, we looked the part but come on. Me kissed by a guy? Well, when Ken came back my girl took Robert’s arm and looked at us and said have a good night kids. And they were gone into the other room. Ken put his arm around me, and we went to a smaller room and he started dancing with me, telling me how sexy I was and what a pretty schoolgirl I made. Between the drinks and the ludes, it was 9 am before I knew it. I called but no one was home, so I started on my own. It was only 3 miles. What I did not realize was that between the heels and the tiny skirt that showed off my ass and all the men who stopped to talk to me and offer me rides home, I did not get there till 4 pm. How was I to know that giving a girl a ride home was paid for with a kiss. Gosh, girls have it easy, maybe I should try this again….


Bill stepped carefully, making sure his high heels didn’t get stuck in the cobblestone road. A light breeze ruffled his blue tulle skirt, and he brushed away curly locks of long brown hair from his eyes. How had he gotten himself into this mess? A mere 24 hours ago, Bill had arrived in Italy, ready to start his semester abroad. As excited as he was about school, he was even more excited about all the sexy Italian girls he was sure to meet. So excited, in fact, he went straight from the airport to the bar, luggage in all, to see if he could pick up a girl. Nearing the end of the night, and starting to feel a little tipsy, Bill was not doing as well as he’d hoped. And that’s when he met Vivian. The dark-haired, ridiculously attractive woman sat down next to him. Bill chatted her up for a bit, and within a half-hour, they were calling a taxi back to her place. As they left the bar, she fed him one last shot, and that’s where everything went black.

When he awoke in the middle of the night, something felt off. Looking around, Vivian was nowhere to be seen. And then he realized why he felt strange: A wig, breast forms, and a girly outfit had all been glued onto him. Running to the mirror only confirmed his fears: waterproof, irremovable makeup had been applied to his face. He was trapped, dressed like a sissy girl. Then he noticed on a table Vivian had left a note:

Hey cutie! Sorry, I couldn’t stick around, but I thought we’d play a fun little game. It goes like this: You get to the address below, which is across town, by 1pm today, and I’ll give you your boy clothes back! Oh, and your passport, money, ID, and everything else you own! Make sure you take the handbag; it has a GPS in it so I can track you. If you don’t take the bag or if you don’t make it in time, or if you act like a naughty girl in any way, I will burn all your stuff! Then I’ll drive away and laugh at how your sissy ass is stuck in another country with nothing but the cute skirt on your butt! Have fun, honey! Watch out for pervy Italian guys!!!



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