The Silver-Grey silk dress caressed the newly femininized curves of Richard, now Rachel. The Sisterhood’s newly transformed recruit. The blonde-haired beauty was asked “What is your name?”
“Rich…” she paused. “Rachel.”
“We ask again. What is your name?”
“Rachel” she replied.
“Who do you serve?”
“I serve The Sisterhood.”
“Why do you serve?”

“I serve to repay a debt. I… I…” she dipped her head, “I left my pregnant girl friend. I did not know.”
“What is your duty?”
“To help The Sisterhood find and punish men like me who have done wrong to women.”
“And what will you do?”
“Catch them in a ’Honey Trap’ and help transform them. As I have
Rachel went on to become The Sisterhood’s top operative.

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