Last Chance !!

Try to remember what happened that night- before you found yourself here. Tell me what they said to you. Tell me something!” Detective Molineux grew impatient, disturbed by the House employee’s unwillingness to be honest with him. He knew they had been kidnapped. All of them. Yet not a single girl would acknowledge their capture- or their uniform gender transformation. “Listen, we only have a few minutes,” Detective Molineux continued, determined to help the beautiful girl across from him. “I can get a warrant with evidence- any evidence you have access to of how they took you. Is there anything like that that you know of? Anything at all?”

Mikalya continued to stare at the Detective, holding her presentative pose with an effortless discipline taught only through fear. It wasn’t until Molineux’s eyes met hers again, however, did he realize that she had been attempting to communicate with him all along: their private room was not as private as her employers would have Detective Molineux believe. Her apparent disregard of his questions suggested not only microphones, but potentially video cameras as well. An exchange of information was impossible; the girls never left the House, and Molineux’s Visa wouldn’t allow for detainment in a foreign country Even if they had lost their manhood, Detective Molineux would be damned if they couldn’t at least regain their freedom. He would help them-if it was the last thing he did.

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