King is Turned into a Bride !!

The crone leaned forward on her cane. “Do you find his new form pleasing, your majesty? The King looked over the fair-haired girl. It was hard to believe she’d once been Erik McGuire, the crown prince and his nephew.Erik’s father had died in battle many years ago, and he was to become king upon his ascendency to manhood unless fate stepped in to intervene. In this case, fate took the shape of his ambitious uncle, who arranged for Erik to be kidnapped on the night of his eighteenth birthday. Erik was spirited away to the witches of Highweder Vale, where he’d remained for two summers.”Is the transformation complete?” The King asked.The crone smiled, revealing gray and crooked teeth.”Open your shirt,” she commanded.With a trembling hand, Erik undid the laces holding his top together. The fabric fell away,revealing the swell of a full breast.The King licked his lips. “What about… the rest?”The crone chuckled. “A scythe is good for cutting more than wheat.

He won’t be making any princes of his own,that’s for certain. Everything else is intact, though, as instructed.The King nodded. “It must have been difficult to control him. Her muscles melted away, her hips widened out, and she grew those teats. It’s hard.”My men will deliver your final payment this evening.”Oh, yes. It was a battle to get her into dresses, but it was easier once our special tea started to deny they’re made for a babe to suckle upon, eh?The crone bowed as low as her bad back allowed. “You’re most gracious, sir. Will you be taking her with you, then?” “Not yet,” the King replied.”I have arrangements to make. The war against our foes is going poorly. However, my spies tell me the enemy prince has certain… tendencies. My nephew will make a good bride for him and bring peace to our nation. All I need to do is bring him to court, prove his identity, and show that it would be impossible for him to pass the rituals of manhood as he is now-for all functional purposes-a woman.

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