Kidnapped and Transformed into a Girl !!

The opium helped. It soothed Robbie’s aches and lessened his anxiety.Mostly, though, it helped him forget. When his mind was clouded by the sweet smoke, he could peer out at the minarets and not remember the night he was abducted from a tour bus. He could even fail to recall the months (or had it been years? in the mud basement, watching in impotent terror as a sadistic expatriate doctor transformed him from a virile young man into a vision of feminine beauty. When he was finally found and freed by the Turkish National Police, Robbie was so destroyed by the experience, he didn’t even tell them his true identity. The doctor had destroyed all evidence of his masculinity, and only a shred of Robbie’s personality survived.

He faded into the background of Istanbul, hoping to somehow find peace in his new life. He assumed the shred of Robbie that remained would fade with age, like an old scar. But it didn’t. Instead, Robbie found he was more resilient than he’d d ever dreamed. He couldn’t simply become the woman he’d been turned into. Robbie’s sense of self was growing back, and with it came the horror of what had been done to him. Soon, Robbie will have to make a decision. His family believes he died, and a year ago he thought it was close enough to the truth that he wasn’t deceiving them. Now, he knows that isn’t the case. Robbie is alive, and if he hopes to find peace in his new life, he need to fight for it. But, for now, the opium helped.

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