Kentucky Derby !!

“Ready to go!” Kevin called to his stepsister Melissa as he buttoned up his shirt. He wanted to look nice and crisp for the Kentucky Derby, even if he was going to only be standing in the infield. “What in the blazes?”

Not in that you’re not,” Melissa replied with mock prissiness, completely ignoring his question, as she descended down the stairs sporting a fancy oversized hat, eye-catching red dress, and sky-high pumps. “What? A little magical tailoring,” Melissa explained nonchalantly. “Now here, strip and put these on.”

Kevin reflexively caught the slick pink bundle thrown at him and the floppy wide-brimmed hat that followed. Before Kevin could protest, Melissa gave him the no-nonsense look he’d come to know. With a resigned sigh, Kevin complied. Arguing wasn’t an option when your stepsister happened to be a witch. No sooner had the zipper in the back reached the top than the magic take sudden dramatic effect. The dress abruptly seemed awfully tight in all the wrong places or the right ones depending on your point of view. Kevin squealed in surprise, his pitch jumping two octaves higher than the demure feminine tone it had already taken.

‘Do you like it? An enchanted dress!” Melissa looked absurdly pleased with herself. The freshly minted busty blonde bombshell, on the other hand, was not the least bit amused

“Oh come on, it’s like Miss April just stepped off of the centerfold. Besides, with those lovely assets spilling out the top of your dress, you won’t have to bet on a horse to get millions. Just think of the possibilities: the two of us invited to mingle in ‘Millionaire’s Row’, sipping on mint juleps given to us by handsome admirers, while the boys-and grandpas-all break their necks trying to sneak a peek at us! And if the opportunity presents itself, I think you’ll find those soft plump lips of yours can be used for more than just cheering. Wicked isn’t it, Kelly? Oh, that’s what l’ve decided to call you by the way.’

Kelly found her new body responding favorably to the suggestion. “Is it too late to just go for a pony ride?” Kelly replied wryly, noting with mild surprise that she’d also acquired a honey-dripping Southern drawl, which made her voice sound innocently flirtatious.

“Oh you’ll be riding much more than ponies today!” Melissa teased playfully. “It’s time you stop betting on the geldings and find a real stallion who can finish. And if all goes according to plan, well let’s just say the horses won’t be the only ones who will have been rode hard and put back wet…”

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