I should have known that Clarissa would pull something like that. She was always a trickster, that sister of mine. I was already uncomfortable enough, being in a girl’s body, on a date with a guy no less. Thanks to Clarissa’s little prank, I also had to deal with feeling half-naked as well!

I suppose I should explain. My name is Karl Nelson, and most of the time I’m a 19-year-old college freshman. My little sister, Clarissa, is an 18-year-old high school senior who has long harbored a crush on my best friend, Travis. Travis, for his part, never noticed Clarissa. She was always his best friend’s nerdy, slightly pudgy little sister, and he simply wasn’t interested in pursuing that.

Recently, though, Clarissa began to change. She lost all her extra weight and began to dress in a way that wasn’t so much geeky as it was sexy. Basically, she went from a dweeb to a babe over the course of only a month or so. And once she made that transition, Travis began to notice her.

I gave Travis my blessing to ask out Clarissa, knowing she had wanted him to do so for a very long time. A couple days before the big date, Clarissa asked to speak to me in private. I followed her into her room, and she began to explain that she had found a real-life spell book a few months earlier, and it was what had caused the changes we’d all observed in her since its discovery! I thought it was all one of her pranks, right up until she cast a spell that actually swapped our bodies!

Clarissa swapped us right back, thankfully, and then explained that she was telling me about her book because she wanted me to go out with Travis in her place. Apparently, she thought that, since I was his best friend, I was sure to make a good impression. I didn’t want to at first but eventually conceded after much, much coaxing. As a condition for my going along with Clarissa’s plan, I made her promise to wear a long dress or something equally non-revealing. I was uncomfortable enough with being a woman in the first place, I didn’t want to advertise my new assets to the world! Well, Clarissa had done as I ask, but the dress she wore was completely see-through with only a lacy black lingerie on underneath! I’d might as well have not been wearing the long dress at all!

Of course, Travis didn’t seem to mind the view, and he really did seem smitten with the girl sitting across from him who could talk about video games and sports just as well as “her older brother.” And for my part, I always liked Travis, obviously, but I found my normally innocent feeling for him becoming more romantic in my sister’s body. Basically, I wanted him as much as he wanted me.

Things ended up going very well, and that evening I ended up going home with Travis and getting some insight into womanhood I never expected to experience. I thought Clarissa would be pleased, but not so much. Apparently having sex during a swap made it permanent, which meant that we were going to be stuck as one-another forever! I have to admit though, that after my night with Travis, I’m not all that upset about that development…


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