Just One of the Girls !!

It was delicious seeing him there. Waiting with the other girls for a chance in the limelight. It Would likely surprise them to know that he wasn’t a girl like them. No-one had raised a eyebrow at his presence. I took some pride in what I had made my thirty-year-old friend pass as just another young woman eager to get her breakthrough in show business. I even began doubting his real age, myself. Though, I suppose this was the reason why I found his poor attempts at courting me so laughable. Even l,an actual woman, could not disguise myself that well. He believes that he is doing important undercover work. I am responsible to audition these young girls looking for a small part in an upcoming movie. The director’s too high-flung to take care of this work himself, but I don’t mind. It’s easy and highly paid work.

Though, it can get terrifically tedious having to endure these wannabe starlets’ poorly rehearsed lines.You can’t blame me for wanting to make things a little intriguing.The mere notion of pleasing me is enough to get my little friend to hop through flaming hoops. Maybe I should arrange that, after this.It is fun seeing him having to confront his own lacklustre masculinity. I just told my little darling that l intend on going on an extended lunch break, and that he can join the other girls and feast on the catering that the studio is so kindly offering. He was supposed to be one of the first l auditioned, but I couldn’t resist keeping him in disguise a little longer. I wonder if the director would be able to tell if the girl l gave the role happened to have er would be able to tell if something a little extra tucked in her panties.


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