How much longer do we have to do this?

Until I say we’re done. Now you will please pose, I want to get these pictures printed out as soon as possible.

And then you’ll have me out of this chastity cage?

Did I say that?

Yes! That’s the whole reason I put this catsuit on! And did we have to dye my actual hair? I thought the wig was fine.

We had to make you as convincing as possible. If we win the photo contest tomorrow, then we’ll get enough cash for the solvent. Unless you want to walk around with breasts for the next month?

No! Please! What do I need to do?

Put your hands behind your head and lift hair just a little. Yes.


That’s good. And now arch your back. *flash*


You’re a natural at this babe. That’s good. Now let’s go get these printed and then check out the bar. I want to mingle.

Alright, just let me get changed first.

Oh no. You look to good to put on your boring boy clothes.

But, I’m a-

A man? Not from where I’m standing. From where I’m standing I see a made-up bombshell with perky breasts and a smooth crotch. Now put your heels back on and let’s go. If you ruin my fun tonight, I’ll leave that cage on until Christmas. Got it?

…. Yes.

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