Just Being Curious !!


Mr. Eder grinned. “Enjoying your bath? You’re certainly more buoyant these days. Simon cupped his breast, self-consciously. You shouldn’t be ashamed of your femininity.” Mr. Eder sat on the edge of the tub said.

“Th-thank you” Simon replied. Mr. Eder wore tailored trousers and an expensive collared shirt. “

You’re stunningly beautiful. I imagine you never expected to hear that from a man, but it’s true. Simon could smell Mr. Eder’s expensive cologne even over the fruity bubble mixture.

“Can I ask you a question, sir?” Simon asked.

“Have you ever needed my permission before? You’re a free creature, Sonya.” Mr. Eder replied.

Why did you do this? I mean, I appreciate you letting me stay in your home, but why make it conditional on taking those pills and… everything else? “Simon asked.

You mean, why change you into a woman? Simon nodded.

He hated to think about it, but that’s what Mr. Eder was slowly doing. At first, I thought it was something sexual. But you’ve never touched me.

” Would you like me to?”Mr. Eder exclaimed.

“No!” Simon replied with anger.

“Mr. Eder rolled his shirtsleeve up and splashed his hand in the water. Although, I can’t believe you never had a gay encounter while prostituting yourself on the streets. Simon looked away, his cheeks burning

“I did everything for money”.

A little dope, you mean,” Mr. Eder said, disapprovingly. “The reason, Sonya, is curiosity. I’ve always wondered how far someone would go to enjoy my lifestyle.

So it’s all an experiment?

“Yes. What I’ve discovered is that once people are introduced to a life of luxury they’ll do anything to keep it. For instance, if I threatened to kick you out right now if you didn’t make out with me, would you do it?  Simon didn’t reply, but he didn’t like the answer that popped into his head.

Mr. Eder chuckled. “Look at your face! My dear, I’d never force you to do anything. For a man of my means, force is too easy.

“What happens to me when the experiment is over?”

“Maybe it doesn’t have to be,” Mr. Eder said, standing. “That’s up to you.” With a wink, Mr. Eder left the bathroom, leaving Simon to worry about what he meant.

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