Just a Drink !!

“How do I look?” Ben asked his best friend Nathe after he sat down in a sexy and feminine way. “O, Ben I mean Beverly l am so happy that you agreed to join me as my girlfriend during the upcoming family weekend. “Do l look like a real woman?” “Yes, Beverly you look like a hot woman. hope that you will enjoy your looks” Nathe told her. “Again, thank you for helping me out.” “Do you want something to drink?” “Yes, please give me some wine to ease my nerves.” After drinking the wine Beverly told Nathe. “It might sound strange but wearing these clothes is making me feel a real woman.” But what Beverly did not know was that the wine Nathe had given her was mixed with a potion of a witch. The potion would make sure that the body of the person who drank it would be matching the clothes he or she was wearing.

So, while wearing the clothes the transformation into a woman was triggered. First, long hair cascaded over his shoulders. Then his frame shrank, and his limbs grew more slender and elegant. After that, his hips pushed out and his waist shrank, while two breasts grew from his chest. “OMG, I am now having breasts,” Beverly shouted with her high-pitched voice. “Yes, Beverly you are now also having a body of a woman. I did that because we are also going to the lake with the whole family. Now you can wear a bikini without being detected.” “That’s all right lovely. As long as I can change back after this weekend.” “Yes, you can.” But what Ben did not know was that Nathe was lying and that after one night of sleep Beverley would not remember anything of the man she used to be

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