This is Kathie, Kathie was born as Karl, but his older sisters liked to give Karl a makeover when he was little. For little Karl, it was normal that he would completely be dressed as Kathie for a whole day when he was at home with his older sisters. When he reached puberty, they started giving him testosterone blockers and estrogen injections. Because of these injections, Karl developed a girlish ass, hips like a woman and other feminine curves. So now, he really had to live as Kathie. After that, his face had also started to get a feminine shape and now looking like a woman he had to get used to dressing like a woman, wearing dresses, and walking on high heels. Tonight will be the first night that he will be taken on a date as Kathie. As she was having, a female body for some time now Kathie knows how she has to wear dresses and walk on high heels.

Besides that, she is also getting used to her female looks and adding makeup goes better and better. Kathie is shocked about the amount of attention she is getting and the fact that she is starting to like guys. That evening Kathie enjoyed the male attention that she was getting and after some flirting, she kissed her date. This was the first time that she kissed a man. As she was not completely a woman, she did not go all the way with her date. However, to be sure that the man would take her on a new date she made sure that he experienced pleasure after she got down on her knees. After that date, Kathie was eager to get a sex change operation and become a female forever!!

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