Del felt someone shaking his arm. He must fallen into a deep sleep while listening to his mp3 player. He blinked his eyes to try and focus them but he still felt very sleepy. Then Del realized he was wearing nothing but a matching set of bra and midi panties. He recognized them as the lingerie he had bought as gift for his girlfriend for when he returned home. Del looked up and saw a ticket inspector leaning over him with a worried look on her face. The ticket inspector was a stout middle-aged woman with a stern expression. Del gave her a happy sleepy smile. ‘Where is your ticket?” she said running her eyes up and down his bod y.Del remembered boarding the train at a station somewhere in a Romanian village.

He was on a tour of Europe and he was delighted to find that there were two young girls in his compartment for the overnight journey. The girls were from another village and told him that they were witches. Del told them he didn’t believe in witches but they got talking and the girl both proved to be very charming. They even offered him some of their homemade candy that was sweet and tasty. At some point in the evening he had become very tired and fallen asleep. Now it was the next morning and he was stripped of all his clothes and wearing nothing but ladies’ underwear. He looked down at his body and saw that it was now the body of a young woman, with perfect skin and long blond hair. He had been turned into a girl. Del struggled to sit up and look around. Not only were his clothes gone but so were his bags.

“I don’t know, I think I’ve been robbed,” he said and he could hear how different his voice sounded.”These aren’t your clothes?” “Yes, they are, I mean they aren’t.” “No ticket, huh? Trying to get a free ride?” “No no, I’ve been robbed,” Del said in a panic. He felt ridiculous sitting there in the bra and panties with this woman standing over him in her uniform but at least her English was good. “If you don’t have a ticket then I will take you off the train at the next station and give you to the police,” the woman said firmly. Del had visions of being marched along the platform in the sexy underwear and taken to a police station where he would have to try and explain what happened. He could just imagine how unbelievable it would sound that two girls feminized him and dressed him up in lingerie before stealing his bags.”Please help me, I”m telling the truth. I had a ticket but it has been stolen,“Del pleaded.The ticket inspector looked at him for a few moments as she thought about things.”So you have no ticket. In that case I will do you a favor if you do me a favor,” she said.”Of course,” Del said in relief. “Anything at all.”The ticket inspector turned around and closed the compartment door then locked it from the inside.When she turned back she had a smile on her face.”I want to search you for drugs,” she said rubbing her hands together. “Drugs? But you can see I have no where to hide drugs,” Del protested.The ticket inspector gave him a broad smile.”I like pretty girls like you,” he said as she unhooked her truncheon. “I search very well and I search everywhere…”

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