Josh had been sent off to live with his stepmom’s sister Vicky after he’d blown up at her after his father’s funeral calling her a gold-digging bitch. it’s been nearly two years and Vicky has finally let him come back home. She’s sure there will be no more outburst from Jocelyn now that her sister has worked her own form of magic on him. Vicky did tell her that he’d been one of her toughest converts and that he still hangs on to a little of his male self-image. He’d even cut his hair short when he heard he’d be going home. Catherine had spread the cover story about Josh’s absence that he’d always wanted to be a girl but had suppressed it knowing her father would never accept her as such. She had no such prejudices, however.

She invited Josh’s friend Darnell over the first day Jocelyn was home as the two were close friends and played baseball on two teams together. At best she knew he’d help spread the word about the change to all their friends. Jocelyn had wanted to wear something else for this first meeting but Catherine said: “you’re a girl now and girls should dress to impress dear”. Jocelyn stepped in from the balcony to see the now handsome Darnell’s familiar smile. He’s become a lot larger than when she left and she didn’t remember him being so cute. She’s shocked seeing the big bulge growing in his jeans at the sight of her and she couldn’t seem to pull her eyes away from it. As much as she tried to stop it she was aroused. Catherine saw her reaction and smiled knowing the subliminal programming had taken effect. She left to let them get reacquainted knowing her stepdaughter’s here to stay.

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