Job Requires a Man to Dress Up as Woman !!

Christopher Tanner had never felt comfortable growing up, he was bullied mercilessly and did poorly at school and even his parents despaired.When he was 24, in a final attempt to make a man of his son,Christopher’s father forced him to take a menial job aboard the cargo ship The Oregon Star which was due to make a two month voyage to Italy and back.Christopher agreed, even though he expected those two months to be horrible.Surprisingly everything seemed ok, and the twenty man crew were friendly. Christopher was still surprised they’d taken on a skinny, effeminate whelp like him but, two days out to sea.

All became clear when the Captain took Christopher to another cabin, a cabin containing women’s clothing, wigs and makeup,and made the specifics of Christopher’s job clear. He was to spend the voyage man aboard en femme, pandering to the needs of every man.Christopher tried to refuse, but the Captain made it clear that either Chrístopher became Krísti, or he’d end up thrown overboard.Now Chrístopher has transformed himself completely into Kristi and the men are lining up at his door.Will Christopher survive the trip and get to go home, or will he learn to love his life as Kristi and sign up for another vovage?

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