Jewel of Odan !!

Late in the night after many alcoholic beverages the gathering of the senior class started talking about life after they graduate in a week. Before long the talk turned foolish and kinky. When the topic of hypnosis came up, Ed rolled his eyes.A psychology student, Amanda,bet Ed she could hypnotize him.Ed laughed and took the bet. Ed sat in a chair surrounded by the group;opposite chair. She pulled a necklace from her pocket with a jewel on the chain. Ed noticed one of the girls to the left brought her hand to her mouth to hide a smile.Amanda started swinging the jewel before Ed’s eyes until he was under.She put the Jewel of Odan into Ed’s left hand and told him to think of the prettiest girl he ever saw. When the jewel performed its magic transforming Ed into his dream girl, Amanda told Ed he would not remember anything about his old life and that his real name is Sara.Amanda built a new life for Sara and then brought him out of the trance. Sara carried on as she had her entire life.
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