Becky’s just returned home from doing some shopping with her Mother; whilst her Mum goes into the Kitchen Becky starts to walk upstairs to her Bedroom when she hears a noise coming from it… Either it was a Burglar or rather her younger Brother Ross who had a habit of messing up her room for fun.

“Ross is that you, are you in my drawers again…you’d better not be making a mess in there or I’ll tell Mum”!

“Eh, yeah it’s me but don’t come in just yet”! Becky doesn’t wait and goes straight in and

“OMG! You’re in my ‘draws’ not those draws but you’re in my skirt and my sexiest ones too and you look like a girl too”.

“Please don’t tell Mum, she’d freak out if she knew her Son really wanted to be a Girl.. I’m sorry I picked your sexiest stuff but it’s just so feminine”

“Well Bro, I’ll tell you what if I didn’t know you I’d swear that you were one sexy bit of stuff hell your body looks great as do your legs and OMG you’ve even got yourself a small pair of boobies how did you do that”?

“I’ve been taking some pills to control my hair growth and keep my weight down; I’ve always had long hair and I just styled it this way; as for my boobies well they’re just glued on falsies for now but I would like to get the real thing .. your not telling Mum are you”

“On one condition… no going into my draws any more… look if it’s sexy clothes you want then you pay me plus a bit extra and I’ll get them when I go shopping with Mum. I’ll pretend they ‘re for me… deal”

“Your the best Sis, when the times right I will tell Mom I promise”.

Poor old Ross, the first thing his Sister did was tell their Mother, she had an inkling something was different with Ross lately and so between her and his Sister, the sexiest of clothes were brought and every meal had additional pills to hasten his change into womanhood, it wouldn’t be long before Ross would become Rose and the three of them would go shopping together to the same shops .. soon it would be Becky sneaking into ‘Roses’ draws for sexy clothes as Rose had a better eye for detail !!

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