It’s just a Prank !!

I don’t know what to do. I’m just a teenaged kid, just turned eighteen last summer, but all these people think I’m some thirty-year-old woman who works here as a fashion journalist! They don’t even ask me for my ID, they just assume everything is in order, and I don’t know what to do. If they find out… Well, I might have done a few bad things to get here.It was a prank! It wasn’t supposed to go this way, not at all! Like, okay I and my friends have this YouTube channel, it’s not very big but we’re working on it. It’s gonna be huge, one day. But we, like, do practical jokes and ‘social experiments, ‘and stuff. We’re getting good at it! Now, I don’t know which one of my stupid friends came up with this particular prank, but if I could I would totally rat them out right now. I’m just afraid that I’I to jail if someone figures out I like, totally conned my way here.I dunno what the point was, we don’t think about these things before we do them. We just try to think of whatever silly video we can make that the most people will watch. I am humiliated right now, but that’s just hindsight and whatnot. I didn’t think twice about it when I first agreed to do it. I’d dress up in drag and go on a job interview, but who cares if that’s embarrassing? It’d be for the views man, and we could become, like, famous and stuff.But none of us expected my mate’s girlfriend to make me look this…good. I look like a real fucking girl, and it freaked everyone out. But,stupidly, we didn’t think to back down. Well, maybe I had some second thoughts, but the guys insisted I go to the job interview anyway.

I was going to apply for a job at one of those girly magazines writing all about fashion. I dunno why we thought that’d be funny, but I had this secret camera with me and we just thought the idea seemed hilarious at the time. But then I somehow fucking got the job! Now I can’t go back to the guys and say that I took the job. What would they think? Well, I suspect they’d be so thrilled about the cash I am making that they’d force me to go back here and work every day. Sure, that’s what I am doing anyway, but at least now I get to keep the money for myself. I’ve earned enough now that I actually managed to buy new clothes for myself so that I can look less suspicious. I, like, have a whole wardrobe now and not just a couple of dresses. It’s all crazy, but what can I do? Do I tell my boss I’m really just a young kid that did this as a prank? Do I tell her that I secretly filmed her? That’s like harassment stuff right there. I know how the internet would respond.Besides, writing the articles is much more fun than I ever thought. Like, I didn’t think I cared that much about fashion, especially not women’s fashion, but there’s a lot more to it than I ever thought. People also now recognize me… I kinda think I’m getting famous doing this. Like, isn’t that what I wanted? And now I don’t have to share any of that fame with my douchebag friends, so maybe I just won. But I didn’t expect to become famous while wearing pantyhose.

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