It started as a game. Your girlfriend suggested for a little role switching in romance, and you agreed. The name Jasmine she gave you made you feel shivers all over, and the romance was out of this world. Soon the game exited the bedroom. She thought you how to apply makeup, and made you get a tan. Your hair grew into a long silky swish, as your now manicured hands were full of jewelry, She gave you new pills, to give you an hourglass figure. Lips became puffy, eyelids long, as you footwear became nothing but heels and boots. She made you quit your job, and you began to be a real housewife. You protested, but she knew deep inside you were already hers. A year passed, and out of that shell of man sprouted a wonderful woman, devoted to her love, her savior. As you look at yourself in a bridal lingerie soon to be dressed up as a bride to be, a single thought crosses your mind. You smile seductively, as your eyelashes flicker, and go to the ceremony. You lost the game, but Jasmine won.

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