Jason’s girlfriend Jenny never thought in a million years that he would fulfill his end of the bet. He acted like such an alfa male wherever he went. So, for him to have a completely girly makeover from head to toe was a far cry from his regular macho appearance. Jenny’s mouth dropped as her eyes widened seeing Jason step outside of the salon. He had just probably spent the best part of five hours inside it having the full works done to him. “Jason… is that you?” Jenny asked, still not sure if it was him or not. Jason tilted his head forward slightly and smiled, “So you don’t think anyone will recognize me, do you?” Jason said, slightly wobbling in his heels.

Instantly Jenny realized that it was her boyfriend, but not because of his appearance. It was the deep tone of his voice that gave him away. It was something that she would have to work on with him. “Of course not! I barely recognized you,” she replied. “Now come on, let’s go on our date,” she then added, just before taking hold of his hand and leading him to the to the way of the restaurant. Jenny loved seeing how feminine her boyfriend was now. In fact, she felt a little turned on by it. If only she could come up with another way of getting him to wear female clothes, other than keep making bets with him.


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