Is it Worth the Risk?

Jimmy treaded lightly as he approached the open kitchen doorway, reducing the traditional clip-clop of his platform heels to a soft tap. Peering into the room, he was relieved, though still cautious; his foster mother Marietta and her partner Linda were nowhere to be seen. Maybe this was the day… maybe this really was the day! Or maybe it was just another trap. They were always watching him, afterall; maybe they wanted him to think he could escape? That he could just walk right out the door- that he could make a break for it- and never come back, It had almost happened once before… though that mishap had earned him full-body electrolysis.

What could they do to him beyond giving him the permanently smooth skin of a supermodel? Jimmy knew he didn’t want the answer to that question. Afterall, his own body was proof that his guardians’ imagination was unlimited- the supplements they had forcibly given him had by now rendered it more female than male. It was impossible to deny that the clothing they had provided him grew more shamefully appropriate by the day. But maybe this was it. Maybe they truly had forgotten. But was it worth the risk? There wasn’t much left of himself to change if he was caught again- just the equipment between his legs that he was told to ignore. Losing that, he knew, would be an irreversible mistake.

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