Is it Worth the risk?

At the comer Of 13th and Revolution Street there is a door. It’s small, about the size Of a child, if you weren’t looking for it, you wouldn’t find it. This is a very special door; it has the ability to send you back in time.Several times actually.The first time I went through, I wasn’t Sure what had happened. In fact it took a few minutes to realize that I was no longer in the year 2016 but in fact had been taken to the year 1991. I spent sixteen minutes in the year 1991 and than the door sent me back to my time, where I woke up in bed.Only I had changed. My entire life had changed in fact. As far as my family and the rest Of the world was I had been born a girl. Most Of the details are still the same except for that major one.I tried several times to go back and fix it. Each time was sent back after 16 minutes and every time I was Sent back as a woman. Sometimes my age varied slightly, once I was sent back having been bom deaf but I never sent back as a man.Perhaps it was some cosmic joke that I cannot go back to my Old life. Or perhaps the joke is that I was born man in the first place and this was the universe itself.I had decided to give up on trying to fix the timeline. It had begun to feel like a losing battle. Maybe I am supposed to be a woman, though, fate or not, I would be one for the rest Of my life.SO my advise to you, should you find this door; ask yourself, is it worth the risk?

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