“Hello Kimberly, looking good this evening.” said Dave “l know that you must be wondering how I’m inside your head talking to you. First I’m going to tell you why I’m in your head. You were born to wealthy parents. You grew up believing that you were better than the poor and middle class. Then you grew up to be a beautiful girl, which made you think that you were too good for most guys. The guys that you did become attached to ended up with broken hearts.I should know since I was one of them. I was walking through the mall looking for a gift for you when I happened to spot this weird little shop that I had never seen before.

On the inside, it looked like a magic shop. There was an old guy behind the counter who said that he was a wizard. He then proceeded to tell me all about you, and why I could never have you. But with a Possession Spell I could be you. The thought of being a beautiful woman was extremely appealing so I bought it for exactly the $9.99 I had in my pocket. The way this works is that little by little I absorb your essence until there’s nothing left of you. I’m going to love living your life the way you should’ve lived it.”

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