Logan and his girlfriend Amy were arguing, “Women have it so easy and the
body, damn.” said Logan.

Your kidding me,” argued Amy, “we have to deal with mood swings, giving birth, looking good and we have our monthly hell.”

“Well then” Logan said, “I saw something at the mall once that said ‘get in their shoes’ why don’t we check it out?”

Okay.” replied Amy. They arrived at the mall and began to look for the store and found a small store that had the tagline Logan mentioned.

“Okay,” said the woman running the store,” each of you take of your shoes and follow me this way.” They walked to the back of the store into the back room that was a brown color and had shelve:s of weird looking tubes. “Okay, now put your shoes in front of the other and remove all but your underwear and come over here.” said the woman. They eyed each other reluctantly then proceeded to do what she said. Not saying a word.

The woman directed them to two stalls and told them to enter sperate stalls. They were connected by a window. “Now please remove your underwear then pass them to the other stall.” They reluctantly did so. “Now put on the others underwear, bottoms only.” They did it. “Now exit and put on the shoes and bra.” They exited and eyed one another, Amy holding back a laugh.” Put on the shoes and walk over to this stall, both of you.” They entered as it shut and a gas suddenly entered the room. “Breath it in.” She said. Logan felt himself changing. The panties became tight with his ass growing, and his manhood began to shrink to fit the panties as well. His legs became smooth and soft. His chest hurt as it began to expand, filling the bra and exposing cleavage. He grabbed the breasts in astonishment, “Holy shit!” he exclaimed in a new high pitched soothing voice. His hair grew long and his face shrank and became smooth, and sexy. Logan looked at her new body, then looked at the now male Amy. She was staring at herself. “Wow this is amazing!” he yelled

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