You were very excited when your boss, Mr. Blackstone, had offered to give you a raise! Mr. Blackstone wanted to see your son Bobbi first to see if you “raised your family right”. So you ushered your son out the door, urging him to make you look good to your boss. You eagerly awaited your boss’ final input but he insisted on another round of introductions to “ensure the appropriateness” of your son. One meeting led to another and pretty soon you found your son off to a meeting with your boss just about every night! You discreetly tried to ask him how the analysis was going, but your son just shook his head and said that he wasn’t allowed to say anything. So finally, after about a month of sending your son off, you decided to spy on him and see what he was up to. You followed your son with some surprise to a local strip club, where he disappeared through a back door. Quickly, you tried to gain entrance, and only 30 minutes of pleading with the black bouncer were you finally let in to see your son. And what a surprise that was! You were so worried about how good your son was making you look that you didn’t notice how good your boss was making him look until you saw him perfectly made up as a girl in a black dress and blonde wig.

“Bobbi!” you exclaimed when you caught up to him. “l thought you were interviewing with my boss!”

“Really, dad?” he glared through smokey eyes, manicured nails on his hips. “You think I’m interviewing with Mr. Blackstone? He gave me this new job
after the first day…and I’ve been forced to come here ever since!” Your eyes grew wide in realization as your son sissied off to cater to some clients…you weren’t getting a raise from your boss…but you sure as hell were getting a raise from your son…gulp.

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