Come on Tina, let me out! You said if I let you do this to me you’d forgive me for cheating on you…

No, Sweet pea, I said I would THINK about forgiving you. And besides, I like you better this way.

But this is so humiliating and uncomfortable! I’ll do anything you want, just let me out of this cage and outfit…

Listen Sweet pea. You can come out of that cage after the hormones kick in, which should only be a few weeks from now.

HORMONES? No! I won’t let you turn me into a girl!

Too late Sweet pea. I’ve been slipping pills in your food since I put you in that cage last week.

Tina… please… I’m sorry.

Oh, I believe that now. Fine, if you want, you can help me pick out your new name.

What? No…you can’t do this..

Of course, I can. I cannot wait for what your new boyfriend will do to you once your transition is completed!!

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