It was a year ago when the Doctor diagnosed me with Persistent Müllerian Duct syndrome (PMDS) meaning that besides having a manhood I was also having a womb and ovaries. The doctors gave me two possibilities, get the womb and ovary removed and stay a man or get my manhood removed and become a woman. As I was already feeling more woman than a man, I chose for the transformation to a woman. Therefore, I received testosterone blockers and estrogen to kick start my female hormone production. After a few weeks, I found myself starting to change. The changes were very subtle, to begin with, and were not even physical. I was starting to take more pride in the way l looked, much more than I had done before. I was now taking a bath before l went to work and a shower before I went o bed. I now had many bath oils, creams, lotions of my own. I even started shaving my legs during this shaving I noticed my skin was getting softer. I was now looking after my body like a woman would and that is when more of the physical changes started to show. My arms and legs were now more female in shape as was my ass, which was now more round and curvy like a woman’s. I let my hair grown longer, down to my shoulders and my face became female-shaped. My eyes became bigger, my lips became fuller, and after that, I was now looking like a woman. I started wearing female clothing and make-up every day. Luckily, then the doctors removed my manhood and replaced it with a womanhood. As my own hormone production started to pick up I started to get feminine thoughts, and female emotions started to rule my mind more than my cold male logic. My feelings became feminine too as were my sexual desires. Now being a woman I know what I have been missing my whole life. I am now having a relationship with my former best friend and yesterday we made love for the first time. I must admit that it was sensational to feel how his manhood slipped into my womanhood and he made me experience something special.

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