“Come on baby, smile.”
I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. For hours now, my sister has been dressing me up in these cute little outfits. And every pair of shoes she puts on my feet just seem to get taller and taller. I’m so tired and all I want to do is sit down for a few minutes and relax. But this is what I get for betting my sister that I was better than her at Halo. She kicked my butt, and now I have to be her model for the rest of the day. When we made this bet, I was for sure that I would win. After all, I am a guy; or at least was one. But now I here I stand in this girly little outfit while she takes more and more pictures. I just know they are going to end up on Facebook. God, I wish I didn’t look so good. I can imagine all my friends are never going to let me forget this.

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