It was all over, I had lost everything at the hands of my twin sister. Fed up with me being the favorite, she concocted her revenge. She hid a bag with a wig and some dresses in my room for my mother to discover. The nail in the coffin was the Facebook page she’d set up under my name. Photos of her wearing the wig and clothes from the bag, taken in my room with her face obscured by the flash created an airtight argument against me. Naturally, my sister pretended to accept me in an attempt to gain favor with our parents who all but pretended I didn’t exist. I lost all my friends and was forced to become the little sister. I was forced to listen to her as my parents wanted nothing to do with me but still placed her in charge. I was always given the girliest dresses to wear and have immaculate makeup. I’ve been on hormones for three years now and I don’t need to wear a wig anymore. I want to escape. But with no money and the changes my body’s been through, I wonder if there’s even any way back.

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