“Did you just take a photo of my back?” Andy scowled at me. “I didn’t say you could do that! Don’t take pictures of me!”

“It’s a picture of your back, girl,” I said, putting away my phone. “You look so cute. How could I resist?”

“No-one can know about this!” Andy yelled. “My reputation is at risk!”

“Your reputation, girl?” I asked. “You’re just some small fry politician. Don’t act as if you’re that important, babe.”

“It’s not funny, John!” Andy said. “It’s my career, and I don’t want anyone knowing about… us.”

“You’re so boring when you pretend to be him, you know that?” I said. “Pretending to be this good Christian man with conservative values. Isn’t it exciting to think that they may find out about your real self? That you’re my little sissy girlfriend?”

“I am not pretending!” Andy yelled. “I am Christian, and I do believe in what I say. I am actually happy about my political work.”

“Well, I know that your friends wouldn’t exactly be happy knowing that you lead a life of sin,” I said. “I think they’d be very interested in hearing something of the things I have to say.”

“You’re not… Are you blackmailing me, John?” Andy said with a quivering tone. “I thought you liked me.”

“I do love you, Candy,” I said. “That is why I am doing this.”

“What are you going to do?” Andy said, sounding nervous.

“I really can’t stand watching a good Christian woman like yourself live in sin,” I said. “You’re going to marry me, Candy. It is time that you learn what a good god-fearing wife must do for her man.”

“Can I still be in politics?” Andy asked.

“You once said politics isn’t the place for women,” I teased. “I am going to make you live by words, sweetheart. Whether you like it or not.”

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