Prince Charming! You have finally come to rescue me!

I am here, Geoffrey. I’ve fought the fire-breathing dragon and answered the troll’s three questions to make my way to this tower to rescue you. You were always my loyal page and I could never allow the evil witch to keep you prisoner.

Thank you, my prince. Ever since the evil witch turned me into a girl as a curse against my family, you cannot believe what I had been forced to endure. The talking candlesticks holding me down and lacing me into a corset…magical silkworms knitting a dress onto me before l could resist…being forced to wear glass slippers, enchanted mirror insisting I was the fairest girl in the land…it was all so humiliating!

Do not worry, Geoffrey, for your imprisonment under the control of the witch is at an end. I have found a book of magic which told me how to break your curse. I merely need to say your name backward and the spell is lifted and you will be my loyal page once more

My prince! How may I ever thank you? Please, hurry and say my name backward and free me from this curse.

Alas, Geoffrey, in the same book I also learned that a passionate kiss from a handsome prince will make you stay this way, forever. I fully intended to rescue you and free you from the witch’s spell, but now that I see how lovely you’ve become my dilemma now is in choosing a girl’s name for you which is every bit as lovely as you are. You are indeed a beautiful princess, Geoffrey.

Mmmmm. Prince Charming? What are you…please don’t kiss me !!


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