When my friends bet me $1000 that I couldn’t get the prettiest girls in school, Emily and Lori to both go to prom with me as my dates, I was determined to win the bet. Rumors flew around the school quickly and by the end of the day everyone knew about the bet, but I didn’t know that. When I went to ask them both to prom, they very quickly said yes. I was enthralled. They told me to come over a few hours early. So, I went to their house wearing my nicest tux and I rang the doorbell. When Emily and Lori opened the door, they wasted no time practically dragging me up into their room. I was incredibly surprised when they started taking off my clothes. But I was even more shocked when they brought out their razors and started shaving me.

I tried to resist, but the girls not only overpowered me, but they also took away my clothes, I couldn’t escape naked! It didn’t take long for me to realize this had become a game to them, as they added extensions to my hair and they did my makeup, I realized they didn’t want me to be their dates, just their doll! The worst part was when they finished everything else and put me in a gold sparkling dress with a pair of gold heels.

“Congrats, you’re going to win the bet! You’re going with us to prom as our friend! Oh, I just can’t wait until we get that $1000, maybe then instead of that padding we can get you some breast forms! We had a friend head over to your house, all of your old clothes are gone. So we decided right after prom, instead of going to an afterparty, we’re going to have a slumber party to get you ready for tomorrow morning! We’re going to go shopping! Can you imagine how many pretty dresses we can buy you with $1000? It will take a while, probably the whole day, but you’ll have enough dresses to fill your closet! And if you behave, maybe we’ll even let you get a pair of yoga pants!”

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