As I looked back at the picture I had just taken with my phone, I had realized there is not a chance I can ever go back to looking like the well built man I once was. And the only person to blame for all this was my mother. It actually began long before I suspected anything.

“Mom why does my cereal taste funny today?”

“None sense, it’s just your imagination dear.”

What a fool I was! If only then I knew she was slipping in estrogen hormone pills I could have prevented this entire thing. Eventually, all my food and drink began to taste ‘funny’ as I described it. Her next part in her diabolical plan took place in the summer. By then the pills had already taken into effect and my skin became softer, small breasts began to grow, my body became curvier and my ass was plumper. I didn’t say anything to anyone because I was embarrassed about how my body looked, and the boobs were small enough to cover up at this point.

“Honey it’s the summer now, you should shave all your body hair off, it stops you from sweating as much and lets the current flow to your skin.”

“Really mom? I’m not doing that!” “Yes you are! I want you to stay hygienic! I’m not asking you I’m telling you young man! Do it!”

So I was kind of forced into shaving all my body hair, but something puzzled me. If she made me shave all my body hair, then why did she tell me to grow my other set of hair on my head long? And that’s when I figured out what she was trying to do to me! “That bitch!”I thought to myself. She’s trying to turn me into the daughter she never had! As I stepped out the shower delicately, I marched right into her room, only to realize she was in my bedroom for some reason.

“What are you doing in here?” I shouted as I looked around to see all my clothes replaced with feminine clothing, from thongs to tank tops and heels.

“Oh sweetie, we are just working on your new look, that’s all!”

“You bitch! Your turning me into a woman! It’s you who gave me these boobs and this hourglass figure! You’ve been feeding me some kind of drug through my food! Haven’t you?!!”

“Don’t take that tone with me misses. I was going to be reasonable with you, but now you have pissed me off” And just like that she grabbed me, dressed me in all kinds of feminine clothing, and took me to a salon when she forced me to have my hair done, she even got me a manicure and a pedicure. I was powerless to resist. I had lost a lot of muscle mass! I had stopped taking the pills, thinking I could still prevent this whole mess, but my own body was already producing it’s own estrogen. That picture I took with my phone was taken a year later. As you can see my boobs have really grown, but at the same time, my manhood has shrunk. There was no going back for me now. I am officially a woman.

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