“Mommy, mommy, look what I got!” Nate’s son said in joy while on their first vacation since the the great shift
“Wow, an ice pop!” Nate said. “But I’m daddy, not mommy. Remember we talked about how mommy and daddy switched bodies?”
“You’re funny mommy!” Nate’s son said. “Boys don’t have boobies. And you’re wearing a girl bathing suit! You can’t be daddy!”

Nate took a deep breath and smiled. There was no way he could explain the details of the great shift to his young son… at least not yet.
“OK fine, I’m mommy,” Nate said. Perhaps someday he’d tell his son who he really is. Or maybe it would be better to keep it a secret and pretend like he was mommy all along. Because he was, after all, trying to get pregnant with their second child.

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