I Am Not Your Girlfriend.I am still a Boy !!

C’mon! Can’t eat a hamburger without you filming me?” Lucian sighed, as he noticed my phone’s camera pointed at him.Well, you look cute. I can’t help it when you look cute,”I said.Cute? I am a slob! There’s no way that I look ‘cute’ when I am eating a hamburger! Lucian said.”Well, that doesn’t matter. You are cute, so everything you do automatically becomes cute. That’s logic,” I said. “Here, you’ve got some hamburger on your face.” I reached in with a tissue, wiping away the crumbs of hamburger bread stuck on Lucian’s lips. It is clear that Lucian appreciates having me, he even appears flattered when I call him cute, but something within him still resists. He’s not supposed to smile when I flirt with him. He is not a real girl.”Can you just act like a normal friend for once? Ever since my crazy aunt made me take those pills everyone I know has been treating me like I am this girly princess, ” Lucian moaned. “I thought you, of all people, would treat me like you used to.”How am I supposed to look at you and think of that scrawny kid you once used to be?” I laughed.

“And besides, we used to fight a lot, don’t you remember? Not, like, we weren’t angrily punching at each other, but we were so into wrestling when we were kids. I swear I nearly broke your leg one time. I am not going to fight a girl.” “I am not a girl!” Lucian said loudly, causing several of the other people at the restaurant to pay notice. “And I am not your girlfriend, either. I am your buddy, don’t make this weird.” “C’mon, babe,” I said. “What boy has boobs like yours? And I’ve seen the way you’ve been looking at me. With those ‘fuck me’ eyes. You’re absolutely my girlfriend, and luckily for you, I am real swell guy.” Hey, man. I can still wrestle you. I bet I could beat you,” Lucian said. “Wanna try me?” Shit, I hadn’t thought about how badly I wanted to wrestle Lucian now. I mean, wrestling has always been kinda homoerotic, but with him looking like he does now? Fuck, we might and end up just kissing each other or something. I bet he won’t be able to resist.”.. Well, if you’re serious about not being a girl,” I said with a big grin. “I suppose I could fight you.”

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