Jeff was nothing like his father, but the sins of the father do pass on. When the settlement was reached with the EOOC over his father’s sexual harassment of the female employees of the firm his father had to pay a very large settlement out of his personal fortune. Luckily the women didn’t sue the company mainly because crippling the company would mean losing their jobs. However, he did have to retire and turned the company over to Jeff. The women weren’t happy about that, they were hoping that his sister would get the CEO job. Instead she was made a Vice-president. She had been very upset even though she knew Jeff was competent she felt she was the better choice. She just needed a way to get him out of the picture. Picture! That was it. She knew if she could get the other women to cooperate that it could be done.

The girls in the secretarial pool came to me and asked if I would like to prove I wasn’t like my father. Anxious to show them I wasn’t I fell right into their trap. They asked me to become a secretary for a day. Reluctantly I agreed and they asked where that cooperation was I promised. I smiled and proceeded to wholeheartedly participate while they totally feminized me not knowing they were filming the whole thing. Imagine my surprise when an edited version was shown to me making it appear that this was all my idea and doing. At the same time my sister had issued a press release with pictures of the new me saying I had decided to step down from my position while I made some changes in my life and that my sister was taking over as CEO. My sister informed me that I was now part of the secretarial pool and would be known as Sarah. I knew no-one would believe it wasn’t my choice after the video.


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