I Am Not A Girl !!

“I see you’re having to adjust to wearing your new clothes, Allie, Katie teased me. “Yeah, these garters are horrible. Uncomfortable and pointless,” I said. “Why couldn’t I just wear pantyhose, no-one’ll see me without a dress on.” “Pantyhose’s boring Allie, you said that yourself,” Katie said. “It’s stockings or nothing!” “Well, on girls yeah. But we know that I am not a girl,” I said adamantly.”I dunno Allie. You’re better at being one of us than you ever were as a man,Katie giggled.”Ugh!” I harrumphed offended.

“if I was so good at being a girl, then would I really squat down and adjust my stockings.? That’s a strictly unladylike thing to do.” “See those guys over there,” Katie said and pointed at a group of men drinking beer. “You just inadvertently gave them quite the show. Maybe you’re no lady, but you’ve got a future as a chick.” “I’m not a chick!” I said angrily. I looked around move I lifted my dress and showed them my ass and noticed the men ogling at me. In a quick “Look at this you perverts!” “Yeah, girl,” Katie said and quickly hurried towards me. “Let’s just not moon anyone while you’re dressed like that.”

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