I am not a Girl !!

As I entered my stately home, I expected to find Felix sitting on the sofa. He was tired from his visit to the salon yesterday,so l expected to find him fast asleep. I made plans to carry him from the sofa to our shared bed, perhaps I could change his clothes and put him in a nice nightie that would cover his smooth and sensitive body from the cold. But instead I saw him standing up in his pink lingerie . I had to marvel for a brief time at his slim figure. He was so effortlessly feminine that it really made my heart skip a beat.What are you doing, love?” I asked Felix. He noticed me and I could practically hear the shocked expression on his face. “That door won’t open, no matter how hard you tug at it.” Felix said nothing, but I saw his arms instinctively move to cover his flat chest. Just another example of his undeniable femininity. He didn’t think to hide his tiny exposed penis, instead he didn’t want me to see his breasts. Trust me, I have not given him any body or mind altering drugs. I have certainly not made him undergo any hypnosis or surgery. Felix is just a very feminine boy. Even at the start of his journey with me, he already acts like a girl.Come here, sweetheart, you must be freezing I am sure I have something warm for you to wear. Maybe just a jumper and a pair of tights?” I said as I urged Felix to walk towards me. I’m not a girl,” he sald. “Why can’t I leave?” It would be dangerous for you, out there. And certainly I wouldn’t let you out in this cold weather wearing just a lingerie ,”I sald. “C’mon, let’s get you dressed.” Why did you take away my clothes? I don’t want to wear the girly clothes you go me,” Felix said. I could tell he wanted to get angrier with me, but he is just too innocent to get mad at anyone. The little boy is just so naturally submissive.Those ratty things? You dressed like an ugly teenaged boy, sweetheart,”I said. “I thought you deserved prettier clothes to wear.” Felix turned around, and allowed his front to be exposed to me. He still covered his chest,suppose he was embarrassed about the way I had fondled his small ‘breasts’ yesterday. Felix hasn’t got a woman’s breasts, but he has got two small mounds poking out. Just a small case of gynecomastia that many young men get, and most grow out of, but not Felix. They’re only going to get larger thanks to the extra padding. I think he’s shy about how much he liked my strong hands.Do I look like a girl?” he asked me.I couldn’t help but laugh. It started as a snicker, but then grew into outright chuckling. It was clear that wasn’t the reaction Felix had wanted, but it was the true reaction.  He tried to make me stop, but I couldn’t stop.I had to laugh. Even before I decided to make him to live with me,I’v always laughed.Now I just couldn’t believe that he still believed that he could escape this with his masculinity intact.I know that I am a man!” Felix said, as tears began to form in his,As I heard Felix begin to sniffle, I knew that I had hurt him.I know that in order to get him to accept his new role in life as my wife, then I will have to hurt him. But I don’t want him to cry. I’m going to make him proud over being pretty, and proud over belonging to me. I went over to him, and to my surprised he didn’t reject me when I came up to hug him. He placed his soft face on my chest, and I heard his sobbing inside just a little want to make his male spirit, but I don’t want to make him into a hurt and sad little girl. You really are cold, honey,”I said as I felt Felix’s skin. “Are you sure you don’t want to put on some clothes.I heard a soft whimper come out Felix’s mouth.I knew that he felt comfortable in my arms because I was warm. As a small little boy he often feel cold. He has got hardly any fat on skinny his body. The little he has is mostly concentrated around his cute butt. He could not survive the winter without me.Yes… please,”he said. “Give me clothes to wear.

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