I am my own Mother !!

After Calvin’s father left, his and his mother Stephanie’s life went quickly downhill. Unsuccessful divorce proceedings due to her drug addiction left them with very little, and they were forced to relocate outside of town. Calvin had been pulled trom school and lived with his mother in their trailer as they struggled to determine what to do next. But as the months passed, it was clear their lives were not improving. Stephanie remained on welfare and showed signs of depression, and Calvin was unable to help her. It didn’t seem that life could get much worse for him, but he would soon learn that “worse” was never off the table. One Sunday morning Calvin woke up in terror upon discovering that his body had been entirely changed- into that of a woman’s- into that of his mother’s!

He screamed aloud, but no one was around to hear him.His mother was nowhere in sight, and appeared to have left him some kind of note. Trembling, he arose from her bed, picked up her note, and began to read it. “Calvin, words cannot describe how sorry I am for doing this to you- but I had to get out. Your youthfulness has once again given me hope to make something of myself, and I hope that when I do, I can somehow undo what I have done to you. But for now I couldn’t risk it- I buried the device that let me do this to us. I hope to see you again someday soon. I love you. Sickened at what his mother had done to him, he immediately reached for a shovel and began to dig. He would be damned if he had to remain in her 40-year- old body, trapped as a woman. He would find this device, whatever it was, if it was the last thing he did.

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