The great shift affected millions of people throwing them into different bodies all over the globe. I was one of them as well. A teenage boy who suddenly found himself in the body of a 27 years old woman. Many people had to change their lives drastically since they got their new bodies but I wasn’t going to change a thing. Despite the body I had, I decided to stick into my ways and continued my life normally. Sure, I couldn’t pretend that nothing really happened and this body was a constant reminder of it. I had boobs which were quite disturbing. I also had to sit down to pee and once a month deal with my period. Despite that I was still me, spending most of my time playing video games, practicing my skills so one day I can become a pro gamer. I thought I could continue like this but after months spent in this body, I begin to notice some changes. Games didn’t seem to interest me as much as before and I was spending less time on my computer. Instead, I begin to experiment with my looks. First, I tried to put on makeup. I looked like a clown but with some practice, I was able to make a decent looking one.

Next were my clothes. I was slowly replacing my boxers, t-shirts and baggy jeans with bras, panties, dresses, and skirts. My favorite pair of sneakers landed in the trash bin, replaced by various kinds of heels, flats, and sandals. I wasn’t aware of how much I was changing since all of it seemed somehow natural. After a few months since my change of behavior started, I was no longer the boy I was before the great shift. Looking at me right now you will see a hot woman, proudly exposing her femininity. I’ve never really cared about my looks but now it had become my priority. As for gaming? I can’t remember when was the last time I’ve played a video game. My whole collection of games is somewhere deep in the closet gathering dust. I’m more interested in fashion right now and I’m on a good way to become a designer.


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