I am a boy !!

As I look in the mirror I see a pretty girl. I know that the pretty girl is me. And I am that pretty girl
I know that I am a boy. I am a boy. I am sure I was a boy. But since I’ve been listening to some beautiful new age music CD’s and I have to say that being a boy may have been just a dream.
My name is Ma… Marissa and I am visiting my Aunt Laura and she is the miracle worker who did my makeover. I can remember her saying that if I wanted to stay with her I would have to be her niece. But she also said that she would help me become the pretty niece she knew I was inside. Her voice is so sultry and hypnotic that she made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I was willing to do anything she asked.
I look fantastic. I feel wonderful. I am feeling strangely complete. I love how this dress looks on me. I love these heels and pantyhose.
My Aunt Laura is right there was a pretty niece inside of me. And now I get to be her.
“Marissa, my dear.” Aunt Laura called, “Don’t forget to take your vitamin tablets. You know they are to help you become even more prettier…” “Yes Aunt Laura…!”
We’re going to my Aunt’s country club. I’m hoping Steve is there. He helped me when I slipped over once. And I think he’s cute and very strong. My Aunt likes him too…

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