Hypnotised into being a shy little Girl !!

“Now remember girls, this is still a work in process,” Kathy explained to the five girls sitting around in the living room. “I’ve made a lot progress, but there are still some details I need to sort out.”
“Enough talking, let’s see what you’ve got,” Ilene, her best friend interrupted. It was because of Ilene that they were gathered together. She had dared Kathy to hypnotise her boyfriend Ben and alter his personality in a significant way. Kathy accepted the challenge and now she had gathered some of her friends together to judge the results. Ilene, Nadia, Judy, Natalie, and Sharon were keen to see what she had achieved. Although the girls still doubted Kathy’s hypnotising prowess, none of them saw any problem in her experimenting on Ben.
“Remember,” Ilene reminded her, “you have to be able to show a significant change in his personality.”
“In that case, with no further ado, I give you Ben,” Kathy said with a flourish. “Ben! Come and say ‘hi’ to the girls.”
A few moments later the door to the room opened a young girl dressed in frilly lingerie and heels slipped into the room. The girl seemed very bashful and giggled as Kathy’s friends took in the sight. At first none of them could believe that the simpering girl in front of them was Ben, the captain of the lacrosse team.
“Oh, my, God,” Ilene managed. “What have you done to the poor boy?”

By now Ben had walked over to the curtains and seemed to be trying to hide behind them.
“Now that is what I call a significant change,” Nadia commented starting to laugh.
‘Well, that was the point,” Kathy explained. “I was trying to think of a significant change to make and what could be better than turning him to a girl?”
“Why is he being so shy?” Natalie asked.
“Ah, well,” Kathy replied. “It took some hard work to remove all his masculine traits. I really had to take him back to being an infant. Unfortunately wiping out his traits was a lot easier than building the new ones so he is still a bit immature and lacking confidence.”
“Will you be able to turn him back to normal?” Sharon wanted to know.
“I’m not sure. I tried to program him with a sort of ‘on’ and ‘off’ mode for being girly but that didn’t seem to work. I suppose I shall have to train him in fully as girl first and then see if I can work it backwards.”
“You can’t have Ben strutting about in frilly panties and a bra!” Ilene protested.
“Well, he isn’t really Ben anymore. More of a Betty.”
At this the girls burst out laughing. They had to agree that Kathy had won the challenge, and after all, that was what mattered most.

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