“God, he looks so adorable in that skirt Tina.” Jen giggled as she watched Tina’s little brother. “Its hard to believe he doesn’t know what’s happening to him.”

“Oh, believe it girlfriend. My hypnosis is top notch and I’m actually having fun showing my new little sister how to be a girly girl. “Laughed Tina. “Now how about we teach my new “sister” a lesson for taking photos of us during our slumber party?”

“Sounds fun, what do you have in mind?” Jen asked.

“Watch and learn my friend. Jeff, on the count of three you will wake up and not move anything but your head until I tell you to. One, two, THREE!”

“What the hell !” Jeff yelled, looking down and realizing he was dressed like a girl. “WTF did you do to me!”

“Easy little sister. I hypnotized you and if you don’t do exactly what I say then I will show mom your phone and the photos you took of my friends. Now I’m going to release you so you can do everything on your own free will. You are going to go to the mall like that and buy your very first bra, bring it back and model it for me and Jen, understood?”

Jeff gulped, weighing his options. Get grounded for taking perverted photos or pretending to be a girl and buy a bra. Life was so unfair!


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