Husband in Lingerie !!

Martin pulled aside the curtain to the changing room and stepped outside to face his wife and the two female shop assistants. He was shirtless and wearing a pretty pink lace bra.”How does this look?” he asked brightly. “It feels very comfortable.” “If it feels comfortable then that is what is most important.” one of the sales assistants said to him barely able to keep a straight face.”There is a matching pair of panties to go with that bra,” said the other, a much younger girl who couldn’t stop smiling at him. “Would you like to try them on?” Martin looked across to his wife.”All right dear,” she said, “but you really do have enough panties already.”The sales assistant brought the panties to Martin and he rushed back into the changing room to try them on. Outside he could hear his wife Pam talking with the shop ladies.

“How on earth did you get your husband to be such a docile sissy,” one of them asked.”Well, it was quite easy really,” Pam replied. “I came home one day and found him wearing a pair of my panties.”No!” gasped the other sales girl.Martin blushed as he remembered the humiliation of being caught wearing nothing but panties when his wife came home.”At first I was going to throw him out, but then I realized that I could turn it to my advantage if he was so weak,” Pam explained. “I insisted he wear panties all the time and began a process of total feminization. Made him wax his body, grow his hair, do everything a girl should do.” “That’s amazing! Didn’t he resist?” “He tried at first but I threatened to tell everyone he knows about his little panty-wearing fun and he caved in. Once I got him started he couldn’t stop and now he lives full time as a girl.

” It was true. He had slipped so easily into dressing as a woman. Martin finished putting on the panties and stepped outside to face the three women.”Oh yes, that is very cute,” said the older shop assistant.“You look very pretty,” said the other girl. “It is just your color. Would you like us to wrap them or will you wear them now?” Pam answered for him and told them to wrap up the lingerie for later because they still had some shopping to do.”He does all the housework now too so I want to get him a maid’s uniform,” she said loudly.Martin blushed, despite himself and looked down at the floor. He finished putting his clothes back on and went to join his wife. “I wonder if I can get my boyfriend to wear panties,” the younger assistant said. “It would be good to get him under my thumb like that.” “How about you both come over sometime and I’ll show you how I train him at home?” The two women happily agreed…

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