How could she do this to him ?

“This isn’t possible… it’s just not possible…” Kevin repeated to himself as he flipped through his mother’s billing statements and private documents. “There’s nothing here. Not a damn thing!” It had been several weeks now that Kevin had spent in his mother Ramona’s body- and that was several weeks too long. It was terrifying enough at first… but after he had discovered what his mother had done, it made things even worse. It didn’t take long for Kevin to find out the reason he now found himself in his mother’s body, what with the blood on the front of her car and the news blotter of a vehicular manslaughter in their area. The only thing more terrifying than that had been seeing his mother’s face in the mirror every morning.

And every so often… more than that. How could she do this to him? How did she? Kevin was determined to find out as he continued to flip through her stash of papers in a hotel room, looking for a receipt from some kind of perverted body-switching service or something. But he wasn’t finding anything. And of course Ramona wouldn’t return his calls. He knew his time was running out. Sooner or later the police would find him, and he knew there was no way in hell they would believe some story about him being in his mother’s body. With each page turn, Kevin felt more and more afraid of spending the next twenty years in prison… and being trapped in his mother’s body for the rest of his life.

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