Hot Farmer !!

It was the new fertilizer. It had to be.Everything happened so gradually at first that I guess I didn’t notice but by the time I did, the doctors told me it was too late. They explained to my parents that high concentrations of female growth hormone, like the kind found in the fertilizer, had caused irreversible damage to my hormonal balance. Essentially tricking my young prepubescent body into thinking it was supposed to develop as a girl.And that’s what happened.My voice never changed, my muscles never developed. Instead of growing a beard I was growing boobs and while most boys my age would have sold there soul to see a cute girl naked, it was something that I was looking at every day in the mirror.And once my curves really started to develop and I looked undeniably feminine, it was decided that I live full time as a woman and finish what the fertilizer had started. By the end of that summer I was 100% the girl I appeared to be.Of course that was a few years ago and I have adjusted to it. Though it still sometimes makes me sad to think about. I always dreamed of dating a farmers with a great body, I just never thought I would end up becoming one.

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